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Current Release: 1.4
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Release Notes

For ROOT GNU/Linux v1.4 (Pommes) Beta 1

Version 1.4 (Pommes) Beta 1 of the GNU/Linux operating system 'ROOT' has been released! ROOT is a complete GNU/Linux operating system with the latest GNU and Linux technology.

The 1.4 generation of ROOT contains many major changes from the previous release 1.3. This is a small list of new features or other changes:

  • Package system. ROOT now has a more advanced package system with many new features based on pkgutils from CRUX.
  • Installation improvements. The system installer has been updated. It fixes many bugs and is generally more stable.
  • KDE 3.1.3a. The latest KDE3 version is included. It is the best and most stable KDE release ever.
  • GNOME1 and GNOME2 libraries are included for compatibility with programs. However, the GNOME2 desktop is not included because it's impossible to maintain. If there are any interested in maintaining a GNOME ports-tree, please contact me.
  • All translations of programs has been removed.

ROOT 1.4 Beta 1 contains the latest stable versions of many free programs and utilities from the GNU project and other places.

ROOT is available here (and on many mirrors):

John Eriksson (Kohn)
johne at

The ROOT GNU/Linux system: Copyright © 2000-2006 John Eriksson